UEFA denies welcoming Argentina to Nations League

UEFA has denied reports it would engage welcoming Argentina into its European rivalries following the nation’s column with the South American association over choices in the last phases of the Copa America.

VAR raised its head to some degree tentatively as Brazil dispensed with Lionel Messi’s side in the semi-finals, and

Argentina completed third at the Copa yet commander and star man Lionel Messi voiced objections following the semi-last and the third-place play-off, during which he was dubiously sent off at first half occurrence that saw Messi and Gary Medel sent off.

In the wake of the occurrence, ​Messi lost his cool, pummeling the authorities as ‘degenerate’ in the two occasions. Argentina’s rage at their Copa 2019 exit incited reports they could play in UEFA, a recommendation which has been quickly denied by the overseeing body

It was in this way announced UEFA could welcome Argentina to enter its Nations League.

However,UEFA has denied this is the situation, demanding such an offer could never be anticipated.

An announcement read: “There is no fact at all in the proposal that Argentina has been approached to partake in UEFA rivalries, nor to turn into an individual from UEFA.

“UEFA has never gone into any exchanges on this issue and could never do as such.

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